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Zeiss Microscope Dental Surgery in Gramercy Park

Working with Zeiss™ Operating Microscopes enables our dentist to perform procedures with the ultimate precision. Zeiss microscopes provide superior illumination and magnification to facilitate maximum visualization of all aspects of the operating field. With Zeiss operating microscopes, any defects that can impact the treatment and prognosis of the involved teeth such as cracks, root fractures, calcified canals, as well as canals with challenging anatomy can be visualized with the utmost clarity. And, when preparing teeth for restorations, the capacity of operating microscopes to magnify the work field enables the dentist to preserve the maximal amount of healthy tooth structure.

With a clear and up-close view of details that are not readily visible to the naked eye or sufficiently magnified with dental loupes, Zeiss microscopes support the precise delivery of care as well as more predictable and consistently successful treatment outcomes.

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